Business Consultancy

Business and strategic plans need to be prepared in order to adopt strategic decisions. Taken decisions need to be accordingly presented to the employees. In these activities, we are at your disposal with our consulting services.

Restructuring and Finance

For the long-term success of the company, a good overview of the business is mandatory. The company’s management’s ability to analyze the existing situation and define the reasons for the situation is of a crucial importance.

Business Internationalisation

Many companies are facing a strategic issue, whether to expand the business into foreign markets, which markets are suitable for them, when and how to enter. This strategic decision namely opens up the business growth possibility and consequently an increased income.

Project Management

The projects are an effective way to carry out the strategic decisions of the company. By offering our clients the project management, including the integration of the project into a business, we contribute to the creation of added value for our clients.


Internationalisation’s factors of success

Most of the companies are facing question of entering foreign markets. When to make final decision about it and how to deal with internationalisation process? Mainly small and medium sized companies, operating in a domestic market for a longer period of...

Classic managers’ mistakes

Managing a company and the employees is no easy task. Current uncertain and difficult economic situation represents a true, special challenge. Many companies are faced with the fact that they need to perform with significantly lower number of employees and...

About Us

Company MDS, Ltd. is a consulting company, contributing to its client’s business growth and development by offering them different consulting services. Cooperation with our clients is based on an individual approach, mutual trust and close cooperation. Our services are independant, objective and reliable.

The services are adapted to the demands and requirements of the client’s business operations in Slovenian market as well as in foreign markets. We offer Slovenian and foreign enterprises an assistance in expanding their business in Slovenian and foreign market.