MDS, Ltd. is a consulting company, contributing to its client’s business growth and development with offering them different consulting services. Cooperation with our clients is based on an individual approach, mutual trust and close cooperation. Our services are independant, objective and reliable.

We provide strategic management consultning services, specialized in following areas:

Business Consultancy

Restructuring and Finance

Business Internationalisation

Project Management

Services adapted to the requirements of the enterprises

The services are adapted to the demands and requirements of the client’s business operations in Slovenian market as well as in foreign markets. We offer Slovenian and foreign enterprises an assistance in expanding their business in Slovenian and foreign markets.

The success of our consultancy projects is a result of complex analysis combined with committed work, mutual cooperation and trust, as well as of a good perception of the demands and potentials of our clients. Due to the high criteria that we have set on our performance and the services we are offering, we run a thorough interview with the client, based on which we further identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of its business. Accordingly we develop unique solutions that are based on the individuality of our clients and on our professional knowledge and experience. We provide support in the implementation phase, which we find very important, as it represents our contribution to the created added value for our clients.