Project Management

Company MDS, Ltd., provides clients with Strategic Management Consultancy, in the fields of business consulting, restructuring and finance, and business internationalisation. Strategic solutions developed in cooperation with the clients, need to be carried out in the right way in order to achieve the goal and the results of the strategy. Projects are the right way for an effective change in the enterprise.

Integration of Strategic Management with Project Management

The organisation should grasp at the opportunity that arise from today’s changing business environment in order to create a competitive advantage. Professional and efficient integration of strategic with project management can become your competitive advantage.

In enterprises without an own project management office, but with a willingness to implement changes, they often face a problem in setting up the project team, as it represents an additional burden on the employees, who must, in addition to everyday obligations, take additional responsibility for the project work. In principle this fact represents a serious threat to a success of the project, due to a lack of experience with the project work and a lack of experts. In order to avoid the risk, it would be more appropriate for the company to ensure a cooperation with an external project management provider. With this decision you will definitely ensure the smooth running of day-to-day tasks and raise the professional input quality of the project team members. Therefore the company MDS, Ltd. complements its strategic management consultancy services with project management services, assuring the clients an added value with implementing the strategic decisions in the right way. This of course requires further close cooperation with the clients and mutual trust. A firm and reliable partnership is our common goal.

The advantages that result from the project way of implementing the strategies are managed communication, quality, activities/operations, time schedule, project team, costs and risks for implementing the individual strategic decisions in the organization. We are efficiently managing the risks that arise from the variable and insecure business environment during the ongoing project.

We would like to emphasize that we are consistent, clear and plain in our work. We remain on a professional level, and with a synergy of a strategic and project management, we optimize the final added value for the client.

In the field of project management we provide, in particular:

  • Project Integration Management,
  • Project Scope Management,
  • Project Time Management,
  • Project Cots Management,
  • Project Quality Management,
  • Project Human Resource Management,
  • Project Communications Management,
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Procurement Management.