Business Consulting

The management is in charge to make strategic and business decisions in the company. The preparation of a strategic and business plans is based on thorough analysis of the present situation and of the reasons that led to the situation in a company. Business and strategic plans need to be prepared prior to adoption of the strategic decisions. Taken decisions are to be accordingly presented to the employees. In these activities, we are at your disposal with our advisory services.

With good ideas we can achieve a lot

In a process of seeking out for a solution for your company, we assist you with our services and together with you determine the right direction. Furthemore we ensure our clients that the final solution is also reliably and consistently implemented. You might be wondering, why would you even need »third party services«? How can third parties advise us, when we already ourselfs know most about our operations, products and services best? And, we believe that you are the most familiar with your activities, but there is a fact that very often a very good overview of the business and the activities represent a problem, because it’s difficult to detect the need for a change and make a step forward. From time to time we all need to get a neutral estimation from other perspectives in order to enable broader and more objective opinion about the current situation. Allow yourself a critical business performance evaluation, trust us your goals and we can together define the right direction. Every beginning is difficult and unpleasant, but together we can make this move smoother and achieve a success. We have common goals and the possibility to realize them together.

The area of the business consultancy includes in particular the following services:

  • Analysis of the market opportunities in the Slovenian and foreign markets, depending on the activities of the company,
  • Analysis of business competitors,
  • Business analysis, including customer and supplier analysis,
  • Sales Analysis,
  • Benchmarking including KPIs and strategies within the industry ,
  • Consultancy for the SWOT analysis,
  • Consultancy for the company’s strategic plan,
  • Consultancy for the preparation of the corporate, business and functional strategies,
  • Consultancy for the preparation of the business and financial plan,
  • Consultancy for choosing a suitable business partner, locations and partners for joint ventures,
  • Consultancy in  the negotiations with business partners and authorities,
  • Consultancy for the operational business decisions and
  • Consultancy in the field of human resources.