The Code of Conduct

MDS, Ltd. Code of Conduct

  1. Company MDS, Ltd. with its associates respects basic human rights thereby having respect for the individual’s personality, dignity, personal integrity and privacy, thus both in business as in the decision-making.
  2. MDS, Ltd. with its associates strives for a transparent and fair business partnerships, based on a mutual trust and long-term cooperation. At our work and in relation to our clients and other business associates, we act respectfully, fair, trustworthy and honourably.
  3. The associates act in accordance with the dilligence of a good manager in compliance with the vision, mission and individual objectives, performing an effective, professional, reliable, responsible and fair work. We handle all entrusted and confidential information, documents, and other resources, needed in order to carry out the work, with our utmost care.
  4. We are aware of the responsibilities and the complexity of our services, therefore we constantly strive for the development of our professional knowledge and skills in the areas that affect quality of our work. For this reason we keep a constant care for an up-to-date information, education and we listen to the third parties suggestion.
  5. The associates act in their operations in an ethical and professional manner, having respect for the MDS, Ltd’s. reputation.
  6. The associates are obliged to abstain from any action which may in any way harm the MDS, Ltd.’s business interests and its reputation.
  7. The associates have to avoid situations which may, due to the interest of the individual, lead to a conflict of interests with MDS, Ltd.
  8. MDS, Ltd. and its associates act in accordance with the applicable Legal order of the Republic of Slovenia.
  9. MDS, Ltd. with its associates undertakes all the necessary acts for its social responsibility.
  10. All the associates strive for a responsible coexistence with the environment and the nature, as well as for an environmentally-friendly attitude. We endeavour to follow the activities and measures in the area of environmental protection and we apply it to our everyday work.