Restructuring and Finance

For the long-term success of the company, a good overview of the business is mandatory. The company’s management’s ability to analyze existing situation and define the reasons for the situation is of a crucial importance. An analysis of the existing situation serves as the basis for the adoption of strategic decisions in the company.

Planning and Cashflow Monitoring

Planning and cashflow monitoring is essential for the company, due to a financial indiscipline which often requires a quick action and a provision of additional liquid assets. This is why an available cashflow and necessity for constant adaptation to the changes in business environment are the key issues when implementing the strategic direction of the company, including the necessary restructuring of the companies. The restructuring of the companies is primarily associated with the companies in crisis, meaning the companies within a process of a compulsory settlement, bankruptcy or liquidation, and this is the fact that makes these situations extremely difficult to handle. Monitoring of the cashflow, and well timed strategic decision for the restructuring of the company is crucial in order to avoid an uncontrolled crisis.

The restructuring and financial consultancy consists mainly of the following services:

  • Analysis of the existing situation of the business and the company’s long-term survival prospects,
  • Analysis of the possibilities of cutting down the operating expenses,
  • In terms of content a company restructuring including both disposal and sell-off proposal of unprofitable business programmes and assets,
  • Business processes reorganisation,
  • Analysis of the existing funding situation and the determination of the funding objectives,
  • Analysis of relevant and available funding sources and
  • Definition of the appropriate funding structure and potential funding sources research in cooperation with the management of the companies.